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LEED® Uplifts Everyone

Arlington Apartments Taking Green Living Further

LEED® is changing the way we think about how communities are planned, constructed, maintained and operated. Short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™, LEED® is an internationally recognized rating system for green buildings. Qualifying for LEED® certification requires a focus on sustainability and a willingness to seek innovative solutions that are better for our environment and our communities.

At Latitude, we believe in protecting the environment and in embracing the new and the better. That’s why we’ve applied for LEED® for Building Design and Construction: Homes certification at the Gold level. Here are some of the ways we’re making your new home as environmentally friendly as possible:

Within walking distance of shopping, dining and public transportation, including the Virginia Square Metro station, reducing the need for residents to use their cars

Special roofing materials used to reduce roof heat island effects

On-site bicycle storage room provided

100% smoke-free building allowing for healthier, cleaner air indoors

ENERGY STAR® appliances and high-efficiency fixtures to help limit water and energy waste

Building materials locally sourced whenever possible to reduce transportation pollution and costs, low-VOC paint reduces exposure to airborne toxins and pollutants

Live Green. Live Better.

Ways To Go Green at Your Virginia Square Apartment

Going green is as easy as following these simple tips:

- Keep floor vents unobstructed by furniture and other items
- Program your thermostat to cool your home’s air or pump up the heat right before you return home
- Use your window shades or blinds to leverage solar heat by blocking it in the summer and catching it in the winter
- Be good to your wallet and wardrobe by washing full loads of laundry in cold water

- Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth and shave one minute off your shower time and you could save up to 5,000 gallons of water each year per household
- Only run the dishwasher when it’s full

- Go paperless by paying your bills and rent online
- Limit your use of disposable paper and plastic products
- Bring your reusable Kettler shopping bag on shopping trips
- Look to your kitchen cabinet for natural cleaning products, such as baking soda, white distilled vinegar and essential oils

- Use public transportation (ART, Metrorail or Metrobus), carpooling, Zipcar® or bicycles (Capital Bikeshare). You can save money on gas, reduce wear and tear on your car and increase your daily activity by walking or biking.

Living a green life means you are living a healthier, more productive life, while reducing your monthly utility bills, saving money and protecting the environment.

For more ways to live green, visit greenlivingtips.com


Selecting a place to live is an important decision and says a lot about a person’s priorities and what they think about the world around them. An individual’s selection of residence can also have a significant impact on the environment, both locally and globally.

Monogram Residential Trust is committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner by implementing sustainable business practices throughout our portfolio and by encouraging our residents to partner with us in reducing the environment impact of their local community. We understand that fostering the best quality living experience for our residents has to include a responsibility to the world around us.


Monogram has developed a sustainability team comprised of individuals from different areas of the organization, from site level operations to the corporate office. Together these individuals are charged with developing a framework that can be implemented across the entire portfolio, with quantifiable actions and measurable results. Members of the team are charged with evaluating environmental Best Practices, identifying opportunities to reduce our environmental impact as an organization and creating educational tools for our employees, residents and vendors.

2015 Implemented Community Initiatives for all Monogram Communities:

  • Use of paper recycling containers in all leasing office and mailrooms.
  • Create and maintain a community recycling area for paper/cans/plastic bottles.
  • Use of coffee mugs/biodegradable paper cups/plastic re-usable cups & no Styrofoam at each community.
  • Installation of light motion sensors in common restrooms/closets/storage areas/maintenance rooms/etc.
  • Each team is responsible for working with our marketing team in an effort to host an EARTH DAY event each year.
  • Each team is working with their trash hauler to generate a “Best Practices” regarding recycling & composting. Each team is sharing this information with their residents.
  • Each team has introduced a mgmt. plan regarding managing their vacant units; adjusting the thermostat/refrigerator temps/water heater temps.
  • Installation of programmable thermostats in models/leasing offices.
  • Each team has created and circulated to their residents a list of items that can be recycled at certain retailers.
  • Moved to electronic application & lease process.
  • Each team has created a list of sustainable benefits that exist at their community. This list is share with each prospect/resident. Each list contains; energy efficiency/water efficiency/walk score/bike score/transit options.
  • Each team has created a sustainable document that can be shared with new move ins containing green merchants in the area/recycling hints/ways to reduce energy costs/environmentally safe cleaning products.
  • Community Attributes for the majority of Monogram Communities:

Waste Mgmt. & Recycling

  • Portfolio-wide trash/recycling program reducing our community’s impact on landfills.
  • Interior & exterior recycling/sorting facilities encouraging residents to recycle newspapers, glass, aluminum & plastic.
  • Communities that use recycled carpet/carpet padding and fitness center flooring.

Air Quality

  • Clear The Air Program.
  • Indoor air quality/fresh air systems that integrate natural daylight & ventilation to improve air quality
  • Operable windows that allow for natural ventilation.
  • Zero and low VOC paints throughout the community to limit toxic chemicals released into the air.
  • Safer, environmentally-responsible green cleaning program for residents.
  • Environmentally friendly pest-management system that limits our exposure to harmful pesticides that are released into the air.
  • Walk-off mats at main building & parking garage entries to help prevent contaminants from entering the building.
  • Smoke free communities.

Energy Efficiency

  • Programmable thermostats in all leasing offices, models and common areas.
  • The use of zone heating/cooling to minimize electricity usage.
  • Energy Star appliances.
  • Efficient HVAC systems
  • Dedicated parking for electric vehicles.
  • Light management sensors in models & common areas.
  • Efficient lighting systems in common areas & garages including fluorescents and LEDs.
  • Actively retrofitting communities with LED lighting in all exterior/interior common areas and parking garages.
  • Placed timers on all exterior gas fixtures(grills/fire pits).

Water Efficiency

  • Irrigation controls such as rain sensing technology & drip irrigation.
  • Water efficient aerators, shower heads & commodes.
  • Landscaping that emphasizes native plants that require/consume less water.


  • We’ve Gone Green Campaign that allows residents to use our on-line payment portal to pay rent; submit service requests; provide comments or feedback.
  • Move towards an on-line paperless communication system whereby residents have the option to sign up for e-bills through our utility provider to pay bills thus minimizing our paper usage.
  • Community recycling program for cardboard, batteries, ink/toner cartridges, cell phones, light bulbs & electronics.
  • Bicycle parking/repair/storage/rental available for residents.
  • Portfolio coffee program using recycled materials provided by a company that produces zero-waste.
  • Retro-fit existing communities & all new developments with Electric Vehicle charging stations.

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